Talk with Me

*Chatterbox Books is proud to announce the release of our second book, Talk with Me, The Big Book of Exclamations 2.   Our customers asked for added diversity and we responded.  Created by a pediatric speech-language pathologist, Talk with Me is filled with carefully designed digital illustrations which immerse infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in the rich language that surrounds them in their familiar environments and daily routines.  

*Instead of a story to read, each illustration lists strategies which teach parents & educators how to modify what they say and do with each picture scene in a way which encourages the child to participate and practice communicating during story time.

*Our twenty page books also contain information which helps parents understand speech and language development and we provide resources for those seeking advice.

*Ultimately, our goal is for parents/caregivers to feel successful as they help their child learn to talk and have fun with books. Parents do not need to know how to read to use our series!

*We teach a new, different way to use books - a way which promotes active participation, shared attention, turn taking, communication, and genuine love!